Get Coolsculpting at home

Get Coolsculpting at home and say goodbye to all your unwanted fats

Are you tired being under gym training and diet? Choose Coolsculpting at home and reduce your excessive unwanted fats. It is the best way to give your body a shape that you always desired to get. The best thing is you will get no operation, no anesthesia, and no pains at all. Results from Coolsculpting are amazing as it removes fat noticeably.

Coolsculpting reviews ensure that it is the most efficient way to remove fat in a non-surgical process. In this procedure, fats are cooled by using modern techniques of the controlled cooling process. You can eliminate stubborn fats of your body so quickly.

Coolsculpting at home:


As you may be knowing by now, Cool Sculpting is a very natural process to lose your stubborn unwanted fat from your body. It is one of the most desirable processes that is discovered by the scientists after long years of research.


coolsculpting at home


Cool Sculpting is really cost effective if tried at home. It works by freezing the skin and affecting the underlying fat cells to perish naturally, as a result of which, the thick layers becomes thin. Commercial Cool Sculpting includes expensive equipment,while at home Cool sculpting machines are not that costly as the commercials.

Now check some of the questions and answers which you might face while getting started with Coolsculpting at home.

What is the estimated temperature used in Coolsculpting?


The temperature of skin surface is decreased to an average of 54 Fahrenheit by freezing under controlled temperature. Initial temperature of the underlying surface is 55 Fahrenheit for the first thirty minutes. For the next final thirty minutes, the temperature is dropped to 50 Fahrenheit. This temperature for one hour reduces 1.5 centimeters of the fat layer.

Will this temperature cause frostbite?


Well,getting frostbites or some other damages in the skin is only possible when temperature is below 14 Fahrenheit. Some things must be kept in mind that Coolsculpting at home does not kill fat cells directly. But they initiate a natural death of the cells. This is the reason its actual result is seen after weeks or even months. So some preventive measures must be taken to avoid frostbite while trying it at home, those are as follows:

  • Do not use the ice cubes directly on the body surface. Keep them in a bag and use it until the ice starts melting.
  • Gel packs shouldn’t be used as it can cause immense damage to the skin. Plastic bags are preferable for this purpose.
  • Large cubes of ice are not at all suitable for this treatment.
  • The ice after melting will have to be changed from time to time.

Is Coolsculpting and cryosurgery the same?


It is another burning question among all the people interested in removing fats. So answer for them is no. They both are entirely different from each other. Cryosurgery uses very low temperatures like minus 4 to minus 40 Fahrenheit that can kill living cells immediately. But in coolsculpting temperature does not kill the cells directly rather it prompts the natural death of the cells gradually. And this is the reason that effects of coolsculptingare seen after weeks of treatment.

How coolsculpting helps tore-shape body?


Coolsculpting decreases fat layers of a very restricted area. The particular treated area causes the weight loss as a whole. It is not at all effective with people suffering from obesity issues.The more fat, the harder it will be to observe the changes. But individuals who are interested in getting this treatment they must well maintain their body before and after the treatment. Being on diet or gym might help to keep the results.

Commercial coolsculpting procedure:


coolsculpting at home

  • Coolsculpting, when done commercially, is executed in a private room so that patients are comfortable enough.
  • The location of the treatment is marked by the treatment provider.
  • The coolsculpting machine consists of two paddles that are placed on either side of the treatment site.
  • A light suction gently pulls up the skin between both applicators and paddle starts chilling the selected area for an hour or so.
  • Coolsculpting treatments do not require any anesthesia as it is not a surgery and neither it is painful.
  • One can just feel a cooling sensation along with mild suctions. But this feeling lasts for few minutes after that the area becomes numb.
  • This procedure is continued for an hour. Any of the two selected areas can be treated at the same time.
  • After the completion of the procedure, one can resume their respective works immediately.



The ultimate results are not obtained directly. It takes two to four months for the body to react to the treatment. With this treatment, the fatty tissues are gradually initiated towards a natural death. But that does not guarantee any further growth of such fatty tissues and cells in other parts of the body.

Try Diy Coolsculpting at your home with some simple steps:


However,the commercial procedure is a way much costly than the one at home. Coolsculpting do it yourself at home is a cost-effective process that includes the use of some simple materials. So following the simple steps mentioned below will help through:

  • Select the portion where you will apply the process.
  • Measure it before applying
  • Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and put it over the selected area.
  • Try to continue this method for two or three hours a day for two weeks.

The result:


coolsculpting at home

The results from Coolsculpting that too at home can bring pretty satisfaction. A remarkable decrease in the thickness of that portion can be noticed after few weeks.Yes, it might be very less but continuing it for long will surely help through. This change in weight lasts for about two years or more if maintained properly.



You may rely on us without getting baffled. We provide comprehensive and resolute information on Diy Coolsculpting and a lot more on it. You can certainly apply those with full on confidence. Well, now it’s your part to execute the treatment procedure with prior knowledge and also measures to avoid side effects.