Process of cold sculpting at home really makes a difference

Process of cold sculpting at home really makes a difference

Aug 16, 2016

Coolsculpting at home is an amazing way to get that perfect figure that you have longed for years. With fewer things at hand, you can successfully carry on with your coolsculpting.You simply need a handful things to kick start the process of cold sculpting at home

How to do coolsculpting at home?


cold sculpting at home


  • You need to buy some ice pack gels, a compressor, a belt clamps and some aluminum plates
  • Refrigerate all plates that you have bought from stores
  • Keep your clamp in freezer
  • Keep the glycol in some quantity of water for sometimes. Now, keep it infreezerovernight
  • Keep all gel packs in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer
  • Check temperature of the water
  • You must keep some gel packs inside the glycol water
  • Put a cloth on your skin for protection
  • Squeeze that area with the plates and keep the plates grounded with clamps
  • Don’t give too much compression to your skin
  • You must check temperature and just wait for an hour

In this way,coolsculpting at home can be done easily without torturing your body with surgical procedures.In order to do this at home, you have to get the urge to yourself. If you are desperately willing to reduce your weight, then you should carry on with ‘coolsculpting do it yourself’ type motto.

What is the price of coolsculpting?

  • For treating your abdomen and ribs area, with the help of small applicator, the cost may range from $700 to $800
  • With the help of large applicator to treat your lower abdomen, you might need to spend $1200 to $1500
  • If you wish to try at home, then your coolsculpting price will get reduced to a great extent
  • The pack of ice gels is available in the market around $20

Get to know about the chilling factors in coolsculpting:


cold sculpting at home


You may wonder about the fact how cold coolsculpting is. To answer these questions go through the following:

  • The temperature should range somewhat between-70C to -80C
  • It is very importantthat the temperature should reach your skin very fast
  • It will removeas much heat as possible from the treated area

If you want to do coolsculpting at home, then you have to take a great care the body yourself. Do you know anything about Diy coolsculpting?

Diy Coolsculpting:

Diycoolsculpting is a method of applying ice packs simply on your skin. The fat on your body can easily be reduced by reducing the temperature of these packs. Inflammationis automatically produced to the skin by applying ice, and the fat can be reduced within few minutes. This approach seems to be quite useful for the mankind.

What are the different side effects ofcoolsculpting?

  • The treated skin may get red with little numbness and bruising
  • There will be no change in the liver functioning and with the fall in blood lipid level
  • A little pain may persist after this procedure

It is very safe and a great alternative to liposuction. What do you think?

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