Remove your extra pounds non-surgically with Coolsculpting at home and get postive results from coolsculpting

Remove your extra pounds non-surgically with Coolsculpting at home and get postive results from coolsculpting

Aug 16, 2016

If you are scared of surgery but want to reduce fat from the body, then coolsculpting at home is the best way. There are so many people who face several complications of health and even psychological disturbances because of their weight issues. Exercises and dieting can prove to be useless in helping a person to lose his/ her weight.

The only option left to them is liposuction which can be an expensive surgical process that may lead to several complications. However, if you are determined to lose those extra pounds and bulges of fat, then you can try cold sculpting at home.

What is coolsculpting?


results from coolsculpting


This is a method which ensures the permanent loss of fat cells by a process which is non-evasive, non-surgical and painless. It is totally different from the other methods of weight loss like liposuction or using infrared technology or even radio frequency techniques.

Other procedures are not permanent in nature, and the weight you lose can be gained back easily. In cool sculpting the fat cells are completely destroyed plus it takes no surgical process. Results from coolsculpting are extremely positive and bound to reap improvement in the contours of your body.

Coolsculpting at home

Even though this process can be done at a doctor’s clinic with proper equipment, it can also be done at home. Many people have tried to perform coolsculpting at home, and it requires a very basic and simple procedure. The Results from coolsculpting is really positive. At the core of this method, it revolves around applying ice to the areas of fat and allowing the fat cells to die.

The process is as follows:


results from coolsculpting


  • Begin with ice packs in a plastic bags at a very low temperature.
  • Apply it to the areas which you think are fatty.
  • Keep the ice pack for about 1 to 3 hours in that area. However,the latest reports show that 30 minutes is enough to apply on the fatty area.
  • This will allow the cells containing fat to die and offer no scope to rejuvenate.
  • At first placing the ice can be a very uncomfortable experience as the body is not used to such low temperatures.
  • After a certain time span, there will be no discomfort.
  • Depending on the amount of body fat, your results will vary.
  • For those who are trying diy coolsculpting and have lots of fat may see small improvements at first. Others may notice distinct changes which can be up to 5-10% of the fat loss.
  • You will start to notice drastic changes only after 2 to 3 months.

Things to remember

Even though this method of cool sculpting can seem like a pretty easy process, it may come with a few risks. One should remember that direct apply of ice can lead to frostbites, so it is crucial to put some sort of protective gel or place the ice in a bag. It will prevent from direct contact.The ice is bound to melt in the duration of your coolsculpting at home. So, it will be better to keep a few bags of ice ready in the freezer.

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